Who is the AltJew?

       In my early twenties or college years, I would probably be best described as a “shitlib” – basically a useful idiot for the neoliberal party ..genuflecting for other identities – immaturely reacting to someone opposing my arguments in a civil debate – not well informed and no real discernment for mainstream media – Israel was a complete mystery and my mind was easily influenced and naive. My Jewish identity was a puzzle – as most knowledge was just now being revealed to the masses by the Internet – however a few short years later, when I went on birthright – I recognized the virtues of Zionism, through the towering skyscrapers of Tel Aviv or the cultural preservation of Tzfat, the Jewish Renaissance was here because of Jewish nationalism and w/out the nationalism, the cultural identity & ancient archaeological links would be lost. On the surface, no identity can thrive without an army, a border and a duty to preserve its national heritage, and this is precisely what has driven the altright & why I see its rise as an integral cog to sparking a nationalistic pro American sentiment among the emerging millennial political class
   I knew I had to split temporarily from the American left, as I noticed their entire base was anti-Israel but lacked the intellectual stamina to criticize it properly – the anti-Israel left easily slipped into more mainstream Jew hating with outrageous blood libel and sophomoric insults. So seeing critique from the altright – it was not as jarring because I was mentally prepared – but what eventually red-pilled me was the vast historical references & knowledge about political movements mixed with reasoned debate and humor. After some time that eventually lured me in…. What made me seek out and research diverse opinions was the blithering stigmatization of other Jews like Benjamin Freedman or Gliad Atzmon- that hysterical stigmatization only drew my curiosity – and later helped me realize Jews have the worst “in group, out group politics” of any tribe on Earth – this is our curse and why I call myself “the wandering altjew” – I will continue to wander politically because who else would call their ppl “self-hating” for political opinions? We saw it done to Jon Stewart – why should it be different for Jews on the right like Stefan Molyneux or Paul Gottfried? I can’t think of any other tribe that calls its own political dissent “self haters” – We have zero self-awareness as a tribe – and when we get honest criticism more often than not we arrogantly dismiss it as antisemitism. In America, we call that being able to dish it out but not take it.
    Another redpilling event  – listening to podcasts of the altright – I believe for the first time I heard someone describe racism as a spiritual problem, not a political one. Wait? I thought they were horrible? Why are they concerned with racism? Because they realize it to be a byproduct of a materialistic society. So that too  – was a stepping stone. Realizing that the politics of racism was completely different than the psychological instincts to help your fellow man. Understanding what a scarcity mindset is – and how competing for resources contributes more to tribalism than “hate speech” – that was eye opening
   So basically you extrapolate that and the entire tolerant Jewish left is a scam – they’re leveraging their minor civil rights contributions from 60 years ago to usher in a third world socialist America. It’s a total bait and switch. Jewish orgs are not pursuing civil rights – they are pursuing political hegemony with the men who rule from behind the shadows. When Bill Clinton mentioned using Syrian refugees to rebuild Detroit, I knew the left, just like the Bush era GOP,  was openly seeking a new world global order. Most Americans can’t comprehend the coup de etat is from the inside. Do I subscribe to that? Not exactly. Is it alarmist? Perhaps.
     I now see a tidal wave of counter-semitism from the altright -what is counter-semitism? It is reasoned civil debate & argument against leftist identity politics promulgated by Jewish elitists. The altright have a better grasp on history and stronger arguments regarding how American leftist Jewish politics has metastasized into a formidable elitist entity hell bent on globalism. This awareness is called “Jew-wise” and the willingness to say this in public despite the stigmatizing labels – is called “naming the Jew” – so as an AltJew – I must be adept at recognizing these terms and not try to correct them or feel insulted by them.
     The altright has correctly identified that societal institutions are used as social political arms for the elite – and those institutions will continually run psychological operations that influence the public domain until they are named and shamed. These institutions help disseminate information that ultimately help the political class achieve greater control…. either through manipulating public support for constant war or increased degradation of civil liberties.
    Now, the simple fact remains that a great number of leftist Jews are completely brainwashed into genuflecting for other identities based on a hysterical interpretation of the holocaust – this genetically inherited trauma has warped American Jews to view ourselves as the nom de facto political overseers of lecturing American whites on tolerance while subconsciously subverting nationalism. American Jews have a strong aversion to nationalism because we perceive all forms of it to be a literal reincarnation of Hitler. So until the American left can admit some nationalism is required to adapt a coherent policy on border controls, illegal immigration, currency protection, trade, and the economy – the alright will continue to gain momentum
   The year and a half I studied my Torah portion for my bar-mitzvah, the learning of Hebrew, the songs – the stories of Old Testament, it was all important to my upbringing and forming a link to the broader community as a whole. However, after my bar-mitzvah, that inspiration wained and there was little motivation to continue spending energy in that direction and a secular life quickly took over. As of now, I consider myself fairly isolated from the Jewish community, as my life demands and dwindling energy easily overwhelm any small urge to sit and pray in a room with people who would rather exile me if they knew of my disdain for Jewish politics in America today.
However, on social media – a fair amount of Jews still follow me despite my opposing of Jewish political dogma because they can tell I have no hostility or hate toward myself or other Jews – it’s 100% contrarian political opinion derived from a contrarian investment sense I developed from my finance days.
  I notice a great divide in the Jewish community – it’s more acceptable to challenge the idea of G-d than the politics of the Jewish community. American Jews have little self awareness of what it looks like to have culturally divisive politics and at the same time stigmatize their detractors. I see all types of Jews claiming Islamophobia is a farce but then shriek antisemitism at the slightest provocation. I see Jews ready to besmirch Islam but not ready to admit most versions of Sunni Islam is rabbinical Judaism on steroids – I see some Orthodox Jews in New York are still hysterical about Christians, refusing to wear ties because they might look like a cross – yet sign up their synagogues as supporters for Syrian refugees – even if they undoubtedly contain some ISIS members. I also see liberal reform Jews using Judaism as a club to usher in leftist globalist policies – the same policies they know would be laughed out of the Knesset. I see liberal Jewish rabbis saying Americans building a wall is racist – but Israel is surrounded by enemies, so it’s wall is morally different. And when you challenge this blatant hypocrisy? Only stigmatization, no debate.
   So should Jews shift to the neocon Jewish right? No! The neocon right is simply Marxism gesticulating under the guise of neoconservatism. War-profiteering is the only legacy of Jewish neoconservatism – and it hurts the reputation of Zionism if these warmongering policies on Iraq are to be associated with American Jews – and now since neocons are aligned with Hillary – you know they never had a political identity – it was merely a scam to hammer in Middle East policy. The neocons were so aggressive with their war dogma- it woke up Americans how war is sold. War is sold through outright intimidation, lies and fear. So the AltJew recognizes these political hypocrisies and is self aware that a diaspora Jew might think of themselves as a perpetual “other” and have an innate dogged instinct to protect their ancestral homeland-  and these characteristics might have some behavioral patterns and conflicts of interest in the political arena.
   So an AltJew lives an alternative lifestyle – away from material dedication. An AltJew believes in alternative medicine – alternative nutrition and basically getting off the grid and becoming an agriculturalist who can defend his home and food supply in the pursuit of becoming as self sufficient as possible. An AltJew is and always aware that the veneer of civil society is only 9 meals deep.
    The Jewish population started off as mostly Kairites – and only after some time was there a split between Kairites and the rabbinical Sanhedrin – who achieved their political power by brown-nosing the Romans. And thus “elite rabbinical Judaism” was born – and after the Shoah – the lopsidedness of the Ashkenazi population gave most Jews the impression that rabbinical Judaism was always dominant. Now we know that was not always the case.
   Personally I identify as Jewish, I do try to keep kosher in a sense, as food is a drug and needs moderation and balance like anything else – my interpretation of kosher is not based on rabbinical sources – as its my responsibility in a “Kairite” Jewish sense to figure it out on my own – and I also believe in the Kairite views of patriarchal descent – so as an AltJew I feel the main distinction is a complete and total rejection of rabbinical Judaism and a personal sacred duty to study and interpret the Old Testament based on my own understanding – that’s how you develop your mind – a mind that draws upon its own spiritual experiences and relates them to ancient scripture as a guideline – not a puritanical fanatical interpretation – so to succumb to rabbinical Judaism is to reject views from those who would wish to manipulate me for political and financial gain – also it is my duty to create an individual definition of kosher – for kosher is a mindset, not a set of rules –  from modern personal health to digestion and allergic needs, figuring out your own diet is the greatest key to liberation. Although I avoid mixing meats because I am cognizant that stacking dead animals and their byproducts on a sandwich is gross opulence – how convenient it is that it is unhealthy too – no rabbinical source is needed to see the glorious pattern of nutrition and godliness for yourself.
   I also recognize Shabbat as a recreational cleansing from modernity and all its constraints  – i do not require guidelines more than from Friday sun down to Saturday sun down, I make an effort to decompress and lay off the tech. If I turn a light on or walk a certain amount of steps – it doesn’t concern me.
In Conclusion:
   As far as the altright and their “antisemitism” – it’d be more constructive to associate their political arguments with “counter-semitism” – the reasoned debate against leftist Jewish politics. Most Jews still believe “anti-semites” hate us for lighting Shabbat candles or our “semiteness”- and that is simply not true. Some anti-Jewish opinions stem from the complete and utter shut down of certain alternative views of politics or historical events –
   So if someone implies that the holocaust was not some isolated event in a hate vacuum – I will not scream Nazi and run from the debate.
    If someone implies that World War 2 Germany had the equivalent of 100 George Soros actively working to destroy it, I won’t be triggered and try to shame my detractor into another opinion.
   If someone suggests that Russian pogroms were a reaction to the Jewish elitism of Marxism and the starvation and genocide of Russian Christains – I won’t see that critique as the second coming of Hitler –
  If someone sees the Pharisees who petitioned the Romans to kill Jesus as bad Jews – I won’t cry blood libel and beg for my detractors to blame the Romans –
  If someone says 9/11 was a Jewish plot, I will not freak out as I have in the past.
I understand why these beliefs exist in this informational age and I don’t take these accusations personal and I don’t consider them a threat.
  Although I am NOT a holocaust denier – I do not wish to stigmatize “denying” or make any law against their opinions. I want the debate out in the open, because stifling it creates undercurrents of resentment that when suppressed – can ultimately create more chaos. Removing holocaust history laws will make the Jewish community stronger in the long run by fostering a transparency that implies the truth is on our side.
   The alright is a reactionary event to leftist Jewish politics in America- an AltJew can laugh at merchant memes because I associate them with Jewish globalist elitists  – not myself. An AltJew is not triggered by the overt Nazi references or Shoah references in Pepe memes because if we have Broadway plays like Springtime for Hitler or comedians like Joan Rivers making holocaust jokes – the cat is out of the bag. If altright claim there is a Jewish ethnic cronyism in Hollywood – I have to laugh in agreement. How else can we explain Amy Schumer and Seth Rogen? This is all part of a healthy inoculation of Jewish political criticism necessary for all Jews in the future – for both the left and right in the USA are forming a hostile attitude toward Jewish politics – not our Shabbat candles. It’s time we teach Jews what this is about and how to intelligently respond – the days of simply calling our opponents Nazis and patting ourselves on the back are over.

The Wandering AltJew


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First Part.

–The Transgression.

The Ideological End of Two Worlds.

The political ocean encircles one with a belt of constantly shifting beliefs encompassing every internal & external conflict that confines North America–the uttermost limits of Western Civilization. Two ideological worlds separated by a narrow channel, known as Republicans & Democrats, envelops the social vestiges of modern thought and national policy. The last days of November have arrived.

The political equinox has brought with it darkness and storms, and revolution will remedy the short and dismal existence of the American day laborer. The sky of a dull and leaden gray is faintly lighted by a socialist sympathizer, for an economy without warmth, promulgated with European liberalism, scarcely seen functioning above the horizon, pales before the dazzling, brilliancy of alt-right nationalism that covers, as far as the eyes can reach, the boundless spirit of American capitalism.

imgresTo the Alt-Jew, the millennial generation is a cultural plague bristling with entitlement, infecting the American body politic with an unholy persuasiveness that will only serve the petrified masses, whose spell-bound population appear fired up as vast ranges of poverty overcome momentary peaks fading away into the doldrums of far-off strains of smoke, prescription pills, alcohol & tobacco vapor.

Between the twin-peaks of globalism & neocon thought, the termination of nationalism, the sullen despair of workers who fear a sea of automated substitutes, Trump is seen as a last ditch driver of innovation with a dogged winning streak despite the hysterical blithering of ivory tower elitists. The Alt-Jew conundrum faces an apocryphal climax of opposing forces conjoining like an ideological Frankenstein. The towering globalist castles financed by fallen Princes of Neo-Conservatism currently remain besieged in Clintonian fortresses cowering from populist dragons that roam the countryside of North America.

These lonely platitudes do not belong to the habitable world; for the piercing collectivist cold shivers the bones, splits the seeds, and causes the social fabric to burst asunder, which, throwing forth showers of financially enticing foreign entanglements capable of enduring the solitude of frosty receptions to famine & death. And yet, strange to say, footprints may be traced to this election, covering these headlands on either side of the aisle, on the American shore, footprints are small and light, thus betraying the omnipresent gatekeepers whose arrogance has been hastening up a rocky peak, where drifts of a global golden age enlightened by a new era of a populist nationalism are now finally visible.

It woLe_vrai_portrait_du_Juif_[...]Scherer_Louis_btv1b6938315nuld seem many a men can arrive at the acceptance of the AltJew methodology from opposite directions, in hopes of catching a glimpse of the Western nationalistic epoch in their history, across a sea of two dividing worlds–the Old Globalists and the New Neo-Conservatives.

More strange still is how the AltJew has crossed the solitudes of exile during a terrific political storm. Man’s spirit pines for growth, only to be dampened by centuries old intellectual warfare pointed at their bent heads like parishioners at a churchyard. Society has been uprooted, rented out, and hurled aside by socially engineered blasts orchestrated by the crème de la crème of “principled” aristocracy.

Yet the civic minded travelers face furious tempest, the kind which has plucked up nations, pounded them into frozen masses, smashed them into splinters, and all to the roar of a thunderous applause. Yet they embrace this, without one single belief deviating from the straight line followed by them.

Who then are these beings who advance thus calmly amidst the storms and convulsions of the ideological man and his chaotic nature?
Is it by chance, or design, or destiny, the seven signs of the apocalypse form a six sided star? –thus:

To the smooth and polished surface of the media, these alternative footmarks seem imprinted by the foot of a beast on a marble flooA_Pinot_CharlesFrançoisr.
The brilliant reflection of the populace renders this nation still visible beneath the azure darkness of conformity; and the pale glimmer of obscure historical relics whose voices now have fallen in a reign of solemn silence.

But, towards the right, a faint alternative light appears.
At first, a harsh, protruding light, such as precedes revolution; it increases in brightness, and assumes an inviting hue. Darkness thickens in every other direction; the wilds of a desert civilization are now scarcely visible under the guarded vault of the gatekeepers firmament. Strange and confused voices are heard amidst this obscurity.
They sound like the flight of –birds–flapping now-heavily berating those who have sidestepped their careful punditry.

This silent terror heralds the approach of an imposing phenomena that awe alike the most ferocious and the most harmless of animated beings. A nationalistic Aurora Borealis suddenly beams forth. A logical circle of dazzling oneness that becomes visible in the American horizon. Immense columns of wealth and rational thought stream forth from this daring alternative, rising to a great height, illuminating earth, sea, and sky.